A Village in the Mountains of Oman

by garrycraigpowell

This is a village in Jebel Al Akhdar (Green Mountain) in Oman, not very far from Nizwa. The range goes up to about 10,000 feet, and in January, when this was taken, there can be snow up there. You can see the villagers’ terraced gardens on the slopes to the right of the picture. These particular buildings are modern, though there were some traditional stone ones too, as in the┬áthird picture. When I visited this area with my family ten years ago and walked around the village, we found that the local inhabitants didn’t treat us with the usual Omani friendliness and charm, but eyed us suspiciously and sullenly, not returning our greetings. I suppose they were unused to visitors, especially westerners. But I’ve often found that mountain people can be somewhat reserved, and uneasy about outsiders, in Europe and the Himalayas too. AAnd this is a sort of Arab McMansion in the same area–bad taste knows no borders, unfortunately. Pretension is remarkably similar across cultures. And finally, here is a much older part of the same village. We didn’t dare to take pictures of anyone here. I wasn’t afraid of them, but sensed that they would not have liked it. I have always wanted to live in the mountains myself, but although I have on occasion lived near them–in Spain, especially–I’ve never managed to fulfill that ambition. When I retire, perhaps.